Comcare Issues Improvement Notice to CSIRO over bullying

Posted on November 5, 2012. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Attached is a letter from Comcare in relation to the complaints of 13 former CSIRO employees who experienced bullying and victimisation in their employment.


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2 Responses to “Comcare Issues Improvement Notice to CSIRO over bullying”

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And I was told by CSIRO that I was a one-off incident…

Or that it is all only in my head…

And that there might have been a wrong word used here or there…

No less than four medical evaluations were requested by my Division and all medical professionals I have seen were shaking their heads in disbelief when listening to my story.

Dr Megan Clark – are we going to see in action your policy of ‘zero tolerance to unsafe behaviours’ ???

Well said, Sylwester.

Workplace bullying seems to have reached endemic proportions in the CSIRO. Rather than acknowledge this, it would appear that the CSIRO’s CEO, Megan Clark, is twisting and turning in her attempts to play down the dreadful reality.

We are particularly disappointed that Megan Clark’s approach to workplace bullying in her organisation seems to be one of putting the onus on targets to ‘heal’ themselves, rather than holding the perpetrators and rightfully compensating targets.

Megan Clark’s claims that all organisations are struggling to deal with workplace bullying essentially amount to weasel words – just because other organisations are not dealing with the problem does not excuse the CSIRO. And it is not hard to deal with workplace bullying either – simply enforce the ubiquitous ‘zero tolerance’ slogans, rather than let them descend into meaningless rhetoric.

The longer Megan Clark buries her head in the sand, the longer workplace bullying will continue in the CSIRO and by the CSIRO.

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