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Below are some of the comments posted on the Ozloop website in relation  Steve Davies’ post: “CSIRO ordered to act on bullying – But is this the APS disease?.”

Comment by JA James 18 hours ago

The problem definitely starts with the leadership. I attended a meeting with a CSIRO victim that was headed by Megan Clark, CSIRO’s CEO. I felt Megan’s focus during the meeting was to put the onus on the victim to mitigate his losses (which he already had, as humanly possible, by getting another job and having therapy) rather than focus her attention on the culture of her own organisation, which is where the focus should be. Essentially, in my mind, she was victim-blaming. Perhaps there needs to be a change in leadership?

Comment by Winston Smith 20 hours ago

A group of 12 former and serving employees, represented by law firm Maurice Blackburn

Maybe we should see what else Maurice Blackburn has to offer??

”thoroughly reviewing” ways to get out of doing anything meaningful.

”thoroughly reviewing” the budget for legal expenses and finding it was already exhausted by AAT costs.

”thoroughly reviewing” prospects of keeping ones job if things get too embarrassing.

ComReallyDoesntCare about much else.

Comment by S Rimmington yesterday

A very insightful article and post.

A Parliamentary enquiry into Comcare is well over due and when this occurs, people should be encouraged to lodge submissions about the efficacy of Comcare’s processes.

Comment by Serene Teffaha yesterday
Neil Quarmby had issued the notice to CSIRO, not because Comcare had intervened at the right time (which would have been a decade ago), but because the situation has become an embarrassing one for Comcare.

Indeed, Comcare only acts to do the right thing when it becomes embarrassing enough for them! Now I am not going to make a big song and dance about this notice because it is one of the more lenient sanctions that Comcare can dish out under the circumstances. I would like to see some criminal prosecution for these bully-boy culprits!

CSIRO is the Government’s leading scientific body. A society is measured by how it treats its scientists. Australia is doing very badly when we have been smelling rotting carcasses coming out from CSIRO’s laboratories from over a decade ago and have failed to do anything.
It takes the insistence and persistence of 12 disgruntled staff and a number of Court actions from senior scientists to get Comcare moving!

There needs to be a Royal Commission into Comcare’s failings to act to prevent the disaster that is the bully-boy culture of the CSIRO. Furthermore, Comcare needs to come under scrutiny for its failure to intervene to stop similar rotting cultures across the APS. Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that Comcare plays a pivotal role in supporting such poisonous cultures….until, of course, it becomes embarrassing to do so!
A note to Sedgwick (who pays attention to to these blogs)—this ain’t no gossip when its true!

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