A guide to CSIRO’s victimisation Style at www.apsbullying.com

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The following insight was published on the APSBullying.com website by our good friend APS Dignity.



Thanks to Victims of CSIRO for this fascinating expose into how CSIRO perfects its victimisation technique:

Step 1: Accuse an eminent international scientist of credit card fraud.

Step 2: Bring in an external investigator to investigate the scientist in the hope that the investigator agrees with the accusation.

Step 3: When the investigator finds that the scientist’s signature was forged and recommends reporting the forgery to the police, ignore the recommendation.

Step 4: When the scientist insists on reporting the forgery to the police, spin the forgery as a “minor administrative matter” and declare calling the forgery a “criminal activity” as “unacceptable”.

Step 5: Appear to commit perjury in court by accusing the scientist of committing credit card fraud after knowing his name was cleared by the external investigator.

Step 6: Drop the fabricated credit card fraud claim against the scientist after the public damage to the scientist has been executed.

Well done CSIRO on a brilliant game plan! Just genius!


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