CSIRO media spokeperson ‘verbals” radio announcer

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On Wednesday’s Capital Radio 2CC drive program, long time radio personality Mike Welsh revealed details of a highly intimidating telephone call he received from CSIRO’s Media Liaison Manager, Mr Huw Morgan.

It is understood Mr Morgan used highly inflammatory and intimidating language in his off-air conversation with the radio personality, demanding to know “what kind of <effing> journalist are you?”

It is reported that Mr Morgan is unhappy with the drive program’s reporting of the allegations of systemic workplace bullying plaguing the Commonwealth agency and that previously, Mr Morgan has made a number of phone calls to the radio presenter insisting that he desist from providing any further airtime in regards to the matter.

It is understood that CSIRO CEO, Dr Megan Clark has declined a number of invitations to speak with the radio announcer in relation to workplace bullying allegations within the organisation and that the only public response which the CSIRO has been prepared to make to date is one of “no comment”.

Those who are familiar with the CSIRO’s previous communicators and communication strategies will recall the media debacle during the time of former tobacco industry lobbyist, Donna Staunton’s employment in which the CSIRO is alleged to have “black balled”, journalist Peter Pockley after Mr Pockley wrote an article on the gagging of scientists by senior management within the CSIRO at the time.

It has been reported that in recent weeks, CSIRO representitives have also contacted a number of other parties critical of the CSIRO’s handling of workplace bullying issues placing similar pressure on them to desist from further public comment.

It would appear that the CSIRO’s media relations strategies have not really changed in all this time…

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8 Responses to “CSIRO media spokeperson ‘verbals” radio announcer”

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If How Morgan can abuse a radio presenter then it only adds to the credibility of the bullying claims being made by the current and former employees.

I wonder whether Mr Morgan will face any consequences for bringing CSIRO into disrepute?

Or maybe he is one of Mr Whelan’s colleagues who have ‘the highest level of integrity’ in which case he may even get promoted?

Huw Morgan’s conduct is shameful. It’s not enough for CSIRO to destroy people’s careers and lives, they want to silence them as well. The good news is that CSIRO has finally cracked… Keep up the great work Victims of CSIRO!

It’s a safe bet that there will be no disciplinary action taken as a result of Huw Morgan’s conduct. Given Dr Clark refusal to take action against senior members of staff who provide false information before a tribunal and her own willful actions in misleading the Australian parliament and people, she is setting a stellar example of what she determines appropriate conduct to be. The conduct of CSIRO’s legal representatives is similarly unconscionable.

Perhaps it is time for Dr Clarke to go back and review the values compass she so proudly introduced into the CSIRO…

Huw may have been asked to do this.

I guess I should no longer be shocked by anything done by CSIRO, but seriously, abusing a journalist for reporting on issues of bullying at CSIRO? What planet are these people on??? They are managers of a workplace which appears to have a problem with bullying. Sort the problem out and then everyone can happily get back to work. It’s not that hard a concept. Then again, if your mates are the bullies, I guess in sorting the problem out, you stand to lose mates. OK, that’s not fun. But guess what, that’s why so many of you are actually paid quite alot of tax payers’ money not to do science in what is supposed to be a science organisation. And believe me, it’s a hell of a lot less fun for your mates’ targets. Deal with it and get over it. Or guess what, you can always choose to get out. Which is a privilege that has generally not been provided to targets.

Mike listens to the public and has been and continues to be GREAT advocate against workplace Bullying. BRAVO Mike. Mike has also won many deserved journalistic awards as well. That is what sort of journalist Mike is Mr Morgan!

Without fear or favor!

Which is more that can be said, about the man that made these shameful comments to Mr Welsh and really only reflects what sort of bureaucracy and tyranny it appears the CSIRO function.

Seems to me that the many people who have complained are genuine and need to be heard even more so, after this little tantrum. You just exposed yourself with your words and behavior Mr Morgan and gave the fight all away! I would dare to say I don’t think anyone would really believe or even listen to you after this tirade.

To all those that are suffering bullying NEVER EVER give up.

Yes. Shameful. And he would have enjoyed it.

APS Dignity, what organisation asks a spokesperson to abuse someone, with the likes of ‘What sort of ‘effing’ journalist are you?’? This is pure Huw Morgan.

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