“Response from Dr Trowell to Fairfax article “CSIRO accused of more shabby tactics”

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Victims of CSIRO have received a request to publish a letter from Dr Stephen Trowell who was  named in the nationally syndicated article “CSIRO accused of more shabby tactics”.

While the matter is in front of the Federal Court we cannot comment other that to state that are aware that the author of the article has sought comments from CSIRO (and Dr Trowell specifically) but the request was denied. We do not know whether CSIRO made Dr Trowell aware of the questions asked by the journalist prior to the publication.

Read the full letter here:

“Civility the goal

On April 14, Fairfax Media published an article titled ”CSIRO accused of more shabby tactics”. The article uncritically promoted the personal agenda of an individual who is currently litigating related matters against my employer. Of the two people mentioned by name, only Sylwester Chyb’s account was presented. In respect to myself, the article was one-sided. This was typified by a picture of me with the caption ”Shortcomings: Dr Stephen Trowell”.
This article was apparently justified by quotations from an eight-year-old review, conducted shortly after I had been appointed to lead a project in a completely new area. It would have been more informative if you had checked my up-to-date and publicly available record of research and innovation at researcherid.com/ViewProfileSearch.action.
The article alleged that I ”was forced to formally apologise a few days later for an email … containing the allegation”.

Following the negotiated resolution of my complaint against Dr Chyb, I was not forced to make any apology. Voluntarily and on my own initiative, I apologised for the hurt Dr Chyb had felt. My sole motivation was to restore civility to our working relationship.

Your article states that a breakdown in my relationship with Dr Chyb led to his departure, an allegation presented as fact that is currently in contention before the Federal Court.

Dr Stephen Trowell Oxley (ACT)”

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/letters/letters-to-the-editor-20130427-2ilzd.html#ixzz2RjlykeiL

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2 Responses to ““Response from Dr Trowell to Fairfax article “CSIRO accused of more shabby tactics””

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On a General note at CSIRO who said what to whom, when and why is a rather difficult exercise to reenact and establish unless there are recording of phone calls, e-mails or credible witness etc.

Bullying, Harassment, discrimination including racial is an ongoing thing and will never stop. Preventing bullying harassment discrimination setup at the organization is a stage managed drama for public consumption.

Either side are pulling a rope with a knot in the center the harder they pull it the tighter the knot gets, making it more difficult to untie it later.

On a serious note is the Forgery. After reading these articles in the press any ethical person would be scared to work at CSIRO and a person with knowledge would look over their shoulders several times when a document comes to them for action because they would never be sure if the document is genuine or forged.

There can’t be any doubt regarding the Forgery. Its clear that the signature has been electronically forged for financial benefit, because that has been corroborated by independent external investigation. If even this particular act is being defended then it shows the extent they will go to and deny any wrongdoing.

Apples v oranges. Comments made 8 years were made on the basis of the achievements at the time. Quick check of the ResearcherID link provided above shows the panel’s critical comments about Dr Trowell were deserved.

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