An excellent article on Workplace Bullying

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It is worth taking the time to read the following article on workplace bullying, which is referred to in French culture as “Slow Poison”.   This is a somewhat accurate description of both the process which occurs in toxic workplace cultures which are left to thrive and the effect which long term exposure to bullying has on the body and mind, a long and excruciating process!

The underlying message of this article is that bullying needs to be address as bullying (not a workplace health and safety issue, discrimination, unfair dismissal/unlawful termination) but as bullying itself.

We at Victims of CSIRO have stated publicly on numerous occasions, that unless bullies are held personally accountable for their actions (and those who support their inappropriate and highly damaging workplace behaviour), then bullying behaviour will continue to thrive throughout Australian workplaces.

If people are provided with a strong impetus to change workplace culture, then workplace culture will change!

Read the Article here:  Slow-poison

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Women are more frequently bullied than men. In fact, a survey by the Workplace Bullying Institute found that 62 percent of bullies were men and 58 percent of targets were women. The survey also revealed that the majority (68 percent) of bullying is same-gender harassment and that women bullies target women 80 percent of the time.

Hello,This is a really great site for any paernt who wants to know what to do about bullying. It is so much harder for young children to deal with bullying as it can come from so many more places now. When I was young we had no twitter or facebook or even email. I was able to switch off from school. Not anymore and its 24 hours a day.Thanks for offering this wonderful resource.

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