A new familiar story…

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Victims of CSIRO have recently been contacted by a former CSIRO employee who has agreed to share their experiences.  The Story of A can be founded on the stories page of the website here: https://victimsofcsiro.com/stories

Thank you ‘A’ for permitting us to publish your story.

Anyone who wishes to have their own personal account posted on our stories page can send an email to: victimsofcsiro@gmail.com


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3 Responses to “A new familiar story…”

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Sounds like it happened in Ecosystem Sciences (“the first Division to have bullying training”). Shows the failure of the Improvement Notice. Damning assessment of the ‘bullying training’. Comcare should read this story very carefully and take appropriate action. I am particularly concerned by the phrase “take an easy option”.

That would actually require Comcare to be concerned with matters of health & safety in federal workplaces. They’ve shown no real inclination in that manner to date. It’s much easier for a health and safety regulator to treated injured workers despicably when they’ve already had a nervous breakdown.

If I were Paul O’Connor, I’d be considering my future career very carefully!

Comcare has already fought a pitched legal battle in AAT, and lost, CSIRO may also have spent 1.5 million as a party to that unnecessary battle with staff they bullied in the case of Mr. Martin Williams, when that staff as Business manager brought in 50 million in ten years to CSIRO. I am yet to find an organisation that would bully and fire a staff which bring in such amounts of money into the organisation that too when there is budget crunch. To me it dosent make sense.

It was all over the newspapers a month or so ago.

What makes you believe they would be concerned with Mr. “A” situation????? Mr. O’connor from ComCare would be commended to have put up a fight in the court, although it was loosing case from the beginning, and knowing well that the staff was not well and had medical problems. Comcare ended up loosing a million or more and the embarrassment of finding them self in the newspapers for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion Mr. O’ Connor should and will get an accelerated promotion for his commendable insight and forethought and Business knowledge and his unwavering commitment to Humanity.

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