CSIRO to take its time releasing bullying report – Transparency Optional

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Victims of CSIRO have recently been made aware of conflicting dates for the imminent release of the Phase 1 report of the CSIRO investigation into workplace bullying and other misconduct being conducted into workplace bullying.

The HWL Ebsworth website states that the Phase 1 report will be completed by the 31st of July 2013.

The CSIRO website however states that the report will be released on the 14th of August 2013.

In a previous posting on the Victims of CSIRO website we made reference to the CSIRO’s Staff Welfare Incident Management (SWIM) team which is largely stacked with legal professionals, media relations personnel and executive management types with nary a workplace health and safety person to be seen!

Perhaps the discrepancy in dates is no mere coincidence and intended to afford those doctors of spin known as the SWIM team the opportunity to put a positive spin on the wholesale destruction of their current and former employees lives or to deflect any unwanted attention away from the obscene self interest which provides fertile grounds for such a toxic culture.

From the moment the Terms of Reference for the investigation were released, Victims of CSIRO have sought a commitment from the CSIRO to release the report publicly without delay in the interests of transparency.

The discrepancy in dates between the provision of the report to CSIRO by HWL Ebsworth on the 31st of July and publication of the report appears to suggest that our concerns are well founded and is yet a further indication of the lack of transparency which has dogged this investigation from its very conception.

Again this brings back memories of the Mercer report commissioned by CSIRO into how its salaries compare to peer organisations prior to commencement of enterprise bargaining.  The Mercer report identified that staff at CSOF5 and CSOF6 salary levels were substantially underpaid in comparison to their peers.   The CSIRO’s response to this report was to bury it and seek to further strip employees of entitlements, but alas, they did not bury the report quite well enough and it did eventually see the light of day, even if unofficially.

This is also the organisation that claimed to have destroyed stocks of a genetically modified food that was found to be extremely harmful for human consumption which quite inexplicably turned up in subsequent GM food trials in Europe and who was also allegedly found to have worked in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology to release carefully massaged climate data to concur with its public view on climate change by omitting critical periods of data which contradicted such a position.

Transparency and accountability are far from the top of the list of CSIRO’s cultural changes and while lack of transparency and accountability remain within the CSIRO, the lives of many will continue to be destroyed by the “chosen few” who consider themselves to be above the law.

We cannot rely on the CSIRO to be transparent in relation to its own self-funded and conducted investigation into its own misconduct when the senior management of the organisation have been implicated in the misleading of the Australian public in other matters that are critical to future of our nation and our planet.


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12 Responses to “CSIRO to take its time releasing bullying report – Transparency Optional”

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Is two weeks enough to ‘massage’ the adverse findings?

Two millennia would probably not be enough

Two weeks is kong enough to read the report and resign or ‘be resigned’

Regarding the GM food crop statement, what has this got to do with bullying & harassment. It has nothing to do with bullying & harassment or discrimination. Maybe some of the GM stock escaped or may be not but in any case from you statement its not within the borders of Australia and anyway not in the public for consumption.
The issue is bullying & harassment and not where the stock appeared or disappeared.

It has everything to do with bullying & harassment as it is another example of how the CSIRO have deceived the public about what it considers to be an important issue. This makes it quite apparent that those willing to ignore the responsibilities of their public office are not going to be at all concerned about the welfare of those they consider mere pawns.

I think the GM issue goes to show that CSIRO is willing to readily engage in deception. Recent DataDot story is another example.

Professor Pearce would be well advised to publsh his report on July 31.

That was an experiment and no person or staff have ever been effected by it. As for teh deception, Is there any shred of evidence that the stock was not fully destroyed? or any shred of evidence that as claimed some of the stock was purportedly shipped to Europe??? and if any GM food crop was found in EU what evidence is there that it was from the stock that purportedly was not destroyed????

As far as the GM Crop statement is concerned,the bottom line is not a single person has been effected by it leading them to check into any hospital,or any medical facility, or approach comcare, no one was psychologically harassed into committing any illegal acts, no one was forced to do anything illegal, and no one life was made miserable in CSIRO and more than anything else no one has profited financially from that.

As far as the deception claim is concerned is there any shred of evidence that the GM food crop was not fully destroyed? The claim that that a GM crop was found in Europe, is there any evidence that the claimed GM Crop found purportedly is that which is claimed to have not been destroyed?????

It dosen’t seem logical that anyone would go to that lengths as claimed in the statement in the above comments especially when there is no financial benefit but only risks associated.

As you rightly point out, this website is devoted to the subject of bullying, victimisation and harassment within the CSIRO. Perhaps it might be more productive to return to addressing that subject in any future comments.

Whistleblowers are by definition victims of bullying. Whistleblowing and bullying are closely related and both are about the inability of the organisation to uphold the law and APS code of conduct to protect its employees from unlawful harm.

Whistleblowers are by definition victims of bullying. Whistleblowing and bullying are closely related and both are about the inability of the organisation to uphold the law and APS code of conduct to protect its employees from unlawful harm

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